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Introducing The Sanchaya Collection

Rich with colours, flavours, sights and sounds, South East Asia is a truly unique region of the world. At the crossroads of the ancient Silk Route and influenced by neighbouring China and India, the region shares intimate connections, yet at the same time has carved out its own particular identities and cultures. From the architectural wonders of Angkor to the decorative wats of Thailand, intricate ceramics from Vietnam and the batik cloth of Indonesia, each country offers something distinct and special.

We usually think of these cultures in isolation, as places and people independent of each other. At The Sanchaya, with our deep passion for the region, we were inspired to bring together the very best examples of South East Asian culture to make a whole. Like a mosaic: it is a collection of intricate pieces that are beautiful in their own right , yet coming together they make a whole that is more perfect than their component parts. A framing of hand-selected pieces, ideas, and influences from across South East Asia, The Sanchaya unveils a new take on this incredible region that is both magnificent and completely natural. What if it was always meant to be this way?

The Sanchaya is positioned on one of the most spectacular beaches in Southeast Asia | Bamboo