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Enchanting Mosaic

The Sanchaya: Asia Reimagined

logoReimagining culture is at the heart of The Sanchaya experience. We have selected a diverse collection of handpicked artefacts, ideas and influences to be intricate pieces in a complex mosaic, each carefully selected and meticulously placed to create a whole more stunning than its individual parts.

In life, we are all collectors, whether it be memories of our pasts, keepsakes from our journeys or goals for our futures. We constantly create, compose and gather our ideas, symbols, stories and travel experiences, storing them in the recesses of our minds and in our homes. These collections can be expressed in different ways, tangible and intangible, limited only by our imaginations.

The Sanchaya is our collection. A unique interpretation of the cultures and histories of this region, this collection reflects our very personal discoveries and passions.

Just as memories become so much more meaningful when shared, so does a collection. We invite you to explore this unique mosaic in the comfort of residential spaces that evoke the charms and graces of a time gone by. At home in traditional villas, you will live surrounded by the cultural riches of Indonesia, the historical artefacts of Vietnam or the vivid hues of Thai silks. In total, seven different countries are represented in our collection, each displayed in luxurious, one-of-a-kind havens.

You will leave The Sanchaya with an entirely new perspective on the region; intrigued by the incredible diversity of cultures and inspired by the way The Sanchaya has found a way to bring them together in harmony, creating such a magnificent whole.

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An Asian Salon

sanchaya cameoWith a creative background in the arts, The Sanchaya is the manifestation of the philosophy of its Founder, Natalya Pavchinskaya.

The concept of the salon is a quintessential ideal of our vision of hospitality. It pays homage to the European salons prevalent throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, when homes were opened up to provide visitors with an engaging environment in which to share with others la vie vivant through food, arts and culture.

A gathering point for wanderlust travellers and wide-eyed explorers in search of a new kind of luxury, we have created The Sanchaya as a place of timeless beauty and comfort led by a distinctly personal approach.

You will stay in a country residence that is all yours, where you can delight in all of The Sanchaya’s stories and treasures. An ode to the exotic grandeur of Asia, The Sanchaya contains the entire continent in one striking locale, yet still retains an individual character both unique and positively unforgettable.

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Bringing The Sanchaya to Life

Natalya Pavchinskaya

Natalya’s multi-dimensional expertise in creating luxury lifestyle experiences, drawing on her extensive background in hospitality management, private historical property renewal projects, academic achievements and deep passion for the Arts, found its natural expression in every aspect of her latest passionate endeavour - The Sanchaya concept.

Natalya made Singapore her home in 2007 and the first Sanchaya property, The Sanchaya Bintan, a bespoke collection of 21 villas 9 suites on a colonial estate,  opened its doors, on the picturesquely beautiful Indonesian island of Bintan, in 2014.

Bringing together a stunning regional variety of East Asian influences and reminiscent of the European Salons prevalent throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, the Sanchaya Bintan reflects a quintessential ideal of hospitality to provide guests with a pampered service, with the bespoke villas and suites offering unsurpassed service and stimulating colonial artefacts to share with others ‘La Vie Vivant’ – through food, arts, and culture.  

Natalya’s vision for Sanchaya concept’s ambition is to expand globally, growing with each carefully selected property in distinctive locations, with their individual characters influenced by the best of local charisma and uniqueness woven into its design while retaining the hallmark of a Sanchaya brand that combines the best of modern amenities with traditional old fashioned service and the highest level of attention to detail.

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